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The purpose of the Co-op is to buy in volume to save schools money.  Not only have schools joined the Co-op to be part of this volume buying, but many churches have joined as well.  In a sense, Bill, Stan, and Teunis act as buying agents, bidding for the best possible prices.
Eighty percent or more of buying occurs with "summer orders."  Member schools and churches must submit orders to the Co-op by May 10 of each year so orders can be compiled by the first of June.
Shipments are delivered to the Moline Warehouse throughout the summer where they are broken down and distributed in the warehouse by individual school and church orders.  Delivery cost to member schools and churches can be made for a fee of 1 to 3 percent, depending on distance.
Because of volume buying in the summer, many vendors also offer excellent prices during the school year, usually well below catalogue prices.  Although these prices are not as low as summer prices, they are significantly lower than purchasing outside of the Co-op.  Orders can be placed through the Co-op to these vendors throughout the year.
Only schools and churches can be members.  Although there is no up-front membership fee, 3% is added to all orders of members of the Christian School Buying Co-op.