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The Year 2021 Catalog is now available for downloading - 2 formats are available.

 Help (download.txt) Compressed (zip) Database (MDB)
  (.2 mb size) (.8 mb size)

You may wish to download or read the Help file first.  It is a text file which completely explains the choices above and how to install the School Order Program after you have downloaded it to your computer.  You can read and print the help file with various programs: Notepad, Write, Wordpad, Word, Wordperfect and others.

Note: You must have the Microsoft Access 2010 (or newer) program installed on your computer in order to use this program.  (There is no longer a runtime version available. 

There are 2 file types available - you can read more about that in the Download.txt file.

You will most likely have to download the Compressed (zipped) file since Windows limits "mdb" file downloads.

Choose any convenient folder for the download destination - make a note of it because you will need to find the downloaded file.